Top 5 Advantages of booking your own Luxury Jet

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We believe private jets are only for the rich and high-class people and commercial flights are quite dreadful and surely are time consuming.

That’s the reason…

With the changing times, people are preferring private jets to commercial flights.

Here are some of the obvious reasons why you should fly private:

  1. Saves Time

There are many reasons behind using a private jet. It is definitely time saving. You don’t have to wait in a line to board your plane. You can arrive just minutes before your scheduled departure. You can book your flight as per your convenience in a short span of few hours. It will take you directly to your destination without any added layovers.

  1. Say No to Airports

You can avoid airports if you have any small aviation base nearby. You don’t have to deal with unnecessary crowds or noise or screaming babies. The main disadvantage of commercial flights are the delayed flights. Well, private jets amend that thing. You can follow your schedule as per your plans. You can make the productive use of your time on board either talking business or working with your customers. Private jet saves you from long immigration and security lines. And also, you don’t have to worry about your luggage getting lost or damaged.

  1. Private:

Flying in a private jet is – classified and confidential. The best advantage is that only the people who are invited by you are on board.

  1. Flexible:

As per your requirement, you can visit multiple destinations in one day. Private jets do save time and can get more work done. They offer more facilities and space as compared to the commercial flights. But you might be wondering about the high price rates. Well, you don’t have to ponder more on it. You can book a private jet online from with the most competitive and reasonable prices. Icarusjet brings you a whole new class of luxury jet charters and provides you 24×7 services.

  1. Comfort:

Private jets have many ‘luxurious’ advantages. They provide you with meeting rooms, lounges, diligent flight attendants. For any business tycoon, meeting rooms are the added bonus. These meeting rooms are facilitated with wi-fi access. They are sound proof as well as have built in video systems. Another thing is, private jets are furnished with lounges which are very comfortable and they offer enough room to move. It also has a very dedicated staff of flight attendants who are there to cater to your needs at your every beck and call. Private jet gives you the freedom to fly anywhere you want.

Whether for the business trips or a holiday trip, private jets are safe, private, comfortable and flexible – The reason why most of the travelers prefer flying private rather than flying commercial.