Why Do You Need To Automate Your Testing Work?

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Automation today is considered to be a backbone of every industry as it has eased out the burden of carrying out certain process which was earlier difficult or took more time.

Now it has laid its steps in the testing field and has created a huge impact on the testing work.

Why Automation Testing?

  1. Automation testing helps in finding out new bugs in your working functionality when new releases and bug fixes are introduced to it. You can also test your work functionality manually but it would not be as effective as it is done by automation testing. So you can automate your testing procedure when you have a large amount of regression work.
  1. Testing a web application means you need to go through thousands of users who are interacting with your application simultaneously. At that time automation can prove to be handy. By using an automation you can automate your load testing work by creating virtual users for checking load capacity of your application.
  1. When you are testing an application where the code is changing frequently, it is likely that your testing rework will be pretty much more. By automating your testing work you can freeze your GUI and effectively test frequent functional changes.

Automation testing can prove to be a better way for accomplishing major testing goals and effective use of resources and time. But at the same time, you should also be careful before choosing the automation tool. Make sure you have a skilled staff which can handle the automation tools very well.

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