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Whey protein is used by a large number of bodybuilders and weight trainers so that they can add some extra muscle mass on their body. You may be surprised to know that it also helps in carrying out an effective weight loss.

A large number of studies have proven that women who consume whey protein as a low-calorie diet tend to lose more weight.This is a reason why there are special women based protein powder for weight loss by Vitaloid and various other suppliers.

So let us have a look at how whey protein helps women in weight loss.


A major correlation between whey protein and weight loss is that it encourages you to eat less. According to a research, protein is a way more satiating nutrient compared to fat and carbohydrate. This means that by adding whey protein to your diet can make you feel fuller and urge you to consume a very less amount of calories. This helps in improving the metabolic activity of your body.

Body Consumption

It has been evidenced widely that consuming whey protein supplements can help women to retain their muscle mass and lose weight effectively. In 2008 the journal “ Nutrition & Metabolism”had carried out a research which had proven that people who consume whey protein twice in a day tend to lose more fat compared to those who didn’t consume it.

So it can be said that consuming whey protein is totally beneficial for women and by using it they can effectively carry out their weight loss.

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Trying to lose extra pounds is no piece of cake, you need to do heavy workouts and strictly follow the diet plan in order to win the battle against obesity. I can understand that thought of working out may seem shaky at the beginning, but it’s the key for maintaining slim and healthy body. You might have tried every technique you’ve heard of for maintaining slim body. But, still if you can’t maintain it, then it’s time to look at secret strategies which are recommended by experts to maintain a slim body.

Have A Diet Plan

Eating healthy foods provide nutrients to keep our body full all day. But, to prevent untimely food cravings, drink lots and lots of water every day. Have a habit of drinking warm water with squeezed lemon every morning to fasten the weight loss process.

And if you’ve no idea about which foods are healthy, then get a Diet Plan and strictly follow it. If you’re wondering where to get the right one, there are many brands like NutriSystem which offer variety of diet plans, according to your body type and you can get benefit from Nutrisystem coupon code to get it at discounted prices.


Exercising helps to burn extra calories from the body and improving your digestion by peristaltic process. Weight training is one of the most recommended exercises to lose weight and maintain a slim body. Take the stairs to burn calories. Start with one flight in the beginning and increase the sets with time.

Get Appropriate Amount of Sleep

Researchers have found that sleeping for appropriate amount can help you lose weight. Sleep deprivation interferes with leptin and ghrelin and, by this way you will be more likely to indulge in poor eating habits. Keeping sleep duration between 6-7 hours can help you with less food cravings and more energy in the morning.

Eat Small Meals

This is the secret to reach your goal. Eat 5-6 small meals instead of eating 2-3 heaving meals. Because eating small meals starts a new spin cycle, and because of the change in routine and that leads to a faster metabolism. Do not delay eating once you’re hungry or you might end up overeating. Frequent eating also helps to prevent untimely cravings and our body stays satisfied as well as energized.


One last thing is you need to let your muscles rest enough for repairs and recovery. Also, rather than forcing yourself to exercise everyday, do affable exercise because over training can make you lethargic or depressed.