An A-List Of Automation

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In today’s world automation need no introduction, in this modern world many areas and sectors are moving towards automation. A wide range of automation is prevailing which are used in various industries.

Here are some areas in which in which majorly automation is used:

Industrial Automation

The use of technology to carry out various tasks which can be risky for a human is known as industrial automation. The types of automation used in industries are Numeric controlled (NC) equipment, industrial automated robots, flexible manufacturing systems.

Numerically Controlled Machines

This type of automation utilizes computers to store, calculate and execute operations that are basically performed by hand. The best and common example of this type of automation is computerized numerical controlled mill.

Industrial Robots

Industrial robots provide the same type of benefits as NC does. It can be used in such type of environment which are either hazardous or dangerous for humans. Welding,handling, Assembly, palletizing and painting are some vital applications of industrial robots.

Flexible Manufacturing Systems

This system is a combo of NC machines, industrial robots, and various other types of industrial automation all in to one system.

Computer-Aided Manufacturing

CAM generalizes industrial automation a step further. This system involves the usage of computers in the production, planning and control of FMS in the entire manufacturing process. CAD i.e computer-aided design is the best example of CAM. CAD enables the use of computer programs so that products, parts, layouts, industrial robots and various types of other aspects can be digitally planned.